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Daycare                 $40 day

Boarding                $40 day

Boarding Add. Dogs $30 each

Holiday  $15 additional for 3 days before holiday and 3 days after (7 days total at $55 a day)

Drop off/Pick up within 5 miles  $10 each way

Things to Know

1. All dogs must be wearing a collar with the owners information on an ID tag. 

2. We accept up to 10 dogs at a time. All dogs are kept together and must be able to get along with other breeds, sizes and ages. There is no way to separate. You will be asked to come get your dog immediately if they become aggressive. 

3. Dogs are kept in a home setting. Any destruction of property will be replaced or paid for by the owner of said dog as determined by the owner of Fido's Bed n Biscuit. 


4. You are welcome to bring toys, beds, and other personal items but they may not be returned to you. Keep in mind other dogs may be bed destroyers.

5. Duty to disclose: You, as the owner, must disclose on a continuing basis any and all medical or other conditions, including but not limited to personality concerns or behavioral incidences that may make your animal's ability to be around. This includes escape behaviors, fence jumping, digging, darting outdoors, etc. We can take precautions for these behaviors but cannot be liable if your dog does escape or get injured. 

6. Picture updates will be sent daily while at Fido's Bed n Biscuit. These photos will also be posted to social media at the descression of Fido's Bed n Biscuit LLC. 

7. Dogs must be able to be left alone at the home of Fido's Bed n Biscuit LLC. We will make best efforts to have a contractor come in when possible. Policy is to never leave dogs alone over 4 hours. 

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