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Best Gifts for Your Dog

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

What will you put under the Christmas tree for your fur babies? This time a year marketing is everywhere! It is hard to decide what is best for your dog and what will end up in pieces within minutes. To help I wanted to share some of the toys that survive here at Fido’s Bed n Biscuit and are easily washable.

Top of the list will always be Benebone Dental Dog Chew!

The dogs big and small love these chews. They are indestructible too! I watch dogs that are 5lbs to 100lbs and the toy they play with most is this chew. It comes in bacon, chicken, mint and peanut flavor and in 3 sizes. Bacon seems to always win out in my house! The design is great for them to play with other dogs with or to sit on their bed and chew alone. AND major bonus it is cleaning their teeth with the ridges!

Second on the list…Kong Squeak Air Balls! These are great tennis balls for playing fetch. They have a squeaker inside that keeps the dog interested (without being that annoying dog toy squeak). It is much more durable than your typical tennis ball so longer playtime. It comes in small, medium and large. The medium is your typical tennis ball size. Always a favorite at Fido’s!

And last is the DIY dog toy that they love! I learned about this one on Pinterest a few years back. I made them for Christmas and they’ve been a hit ever since! You need a tube sock from the dollar store and a racquetball. Place the racquetball inside the sock and you can either sew it shut or simply tie a knot in the sock leaving the ball room to roll around inside. Seems simple because it is! They love to throw it in the air and chase it as well as play tug-of-war. When the sock is destroyed all you have to do is replace it and playtime starts again!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas with lots of playtime with your pups!

Love, Wren and Fido’s Bed n Biscuit LLC

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