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Carabiner: Dog Owner’s Best Friend

As a dog owner you come across many unexpected situations; all of which you want to keep your pup safe and happy. As a dog sitter there is one thing I always have attached to my key chain…the #carabiner! This little piece of metal can be a #lifesaver!

The first situation I encouraged you to go fix right this moment is adding one to your gate. If you have a metal fence there should be a small hole on the latch that a carabiner will fit through. This will keep the gate from being blown open and your dog #escaping. Or if you are lucky like me and have a pup like Freckles it will keep him from opening your gate and letting all the dogs out. Yes, he has tried this repeatedly!

Another use that comes in very handy is attaching one to your #leash. This will assist in all those situations where another pup comes up to you and you must remove them from the situation quickly. If you loop your hand hold around a tree or other object that carabiner will latch to it and keep your pup in place until you have a chance to control this situation.

A carabiner is also very handy when walking more than one pup. This way I can link the handles of all the leashes together and not risk one leash getting out of my hand.

Carabiners can also be used to turn your leash into a harness. Hook the leash onto the collar as normal, wrap it behind both front legs then attach it again through the carabiner on the collar and voila! This is so helpful when walking a dog who likes to jump or escape their collar.

One last piece of advice: if you have a pup who is extra crafty or a #largebreeddog make sure you get one that is made for their weight and one that locks. As always #safetyfirst!

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