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Dog Resistant Flooring!

What is the best flooring for a home with dogs? How do I know what is best for my home? Can flooring get rid of the “dog smell”?

This took a lot of research on my part as to the right decision for new flooring that was not only going to withstand the beating but be easy to clean, last and look nice. This is my home I don’t want it looking like a dog boarding facility I want it to look like my home.

1. Concrete

a. Pro – Easy to clean, if sealed it would be stain resistant, durability

b. Con – If you have an older home or a home that settles it is going to crack; the hard surface can be hard on an older dog and slippery for any dog; lacks comfort and is hard on joints

2. Carpet

a. Pro – Soft and has traction

b. Con – Holds smells, hair, dander, and other allergens

3. Laminate

a. Pro – I’m sorry this is a bias but I am just not a fan of laminate

b. Con – Clicks when dogs nails are on it

4. Tile

a. Pro – Durability; Looks, Re-sale; waterproof

b. Con – Grout gets dirty; hard on dog’s joints and can be slippery

5. Wood

a. Pro – Looks great; helps resale; softer than tile

b. Con – Dog’s claws will scratch it; wear and tear; could soak up pee

6. My Choice! Luxury Vinyl Plank

a. Pro – durability; looks like wood; easy to clean up messes; softer than tile; waterproof

b. Con – It is essential to buy high quality!

Go for at least 20 mil thickness! If you don’t spend the money up front you will replace it. There is a major price gap in Luxury Vinyl Plank, and you need to go with top of the line.

I installed this in my home one year ago. The pros I can list are: It is so easy to clean. There are specific products to mop these floors with and it is easy to do. You can use a handheld vacuum to clean up the hair drifts. I personally took clear caulk and sealed the areas under my baseboards so if the dogs have an accident in the house it doesn’t get under the flooring. This has been a life-saver in my business. It gives me vital time to get the accident cleaned up without worrying it could get under the flooring. Plus, since it is clear you don’t notice it.

Again…do not buy the cheaper varieties! I have witnessed a dog owner who went with the 5-mil plank in their home with only one dog and they had to replace within one year! Buy the top quality it is worth the money. Currently there is no wear showing on mine at all. It looks as good as the day it was installed and it has seen over a hundred pups of all sizes in the past year.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help. I’d be glad to share what I learned in my year of research!

- Wren

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