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Friendly Freckles

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers! Welcome to Fido's Bed n Biscuit.

For this first post I wanted to introduce the crazy antics of Freckles the Border Collie/Heeler! Freckles has been with me a year now. When I first found him he was on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere sitting in the shadow of a street sign on a summer day. Heart wrenching I know. I am not the type who could leave him there so when I saw him I turned right around and went to check him out. Immediately he comes up to me and gives me a hug. NOW I know what your a thinking...he's just jumping on you. No this dog actually hugs. He puts both paws around you and leans in pressing his head into you. It is the most loving hug you will ever receive! Since he is covered in polka dots (aka freckles) you can understand where his name came from. Now this dog is not normal by any means. I will be sharing all of his crazy antics on here along with the others we experience in each day of this dog boarding life!

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