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Goodbye Stinky Pups

Why is my dog so stinky? What is that smell in my house? Now that we know what shampoo I love it is time to talk about keeping your pup smelling lovely longer!

There are so many reasons why your dog is stinky and so many ways to help them stay fresh longer.

One major cause of dogs smelling bad is the food you feed them! How many of us are not fan favorites of that smelly food you're feeding your furry friend? Dog food stinks! For me it is the brands with fish. I cannot stand scooping out a fishy smelling food (just an example) but I will do it for my fur babies if that is what they love. When your pup eats that fishy smelling food and then kisses you, you get a nice whiff of that fish! So imagine your pup grooming themselves with that same tongue. This leaves a residue on their fur causing them to stink!

We have all experienced the dreaded moment our dog seeks out the most putrid of smell...the dead animal roll. It is not only disgusting to think about but that smell the dog loves so much is repellent to the owner. And who wants to wash their dog after that?

Yeast may also be your culprit of that "wet dog smell". Yeast and other microorganisms live in your pups fur and contribute to that wet dog smell since those microorganisms are released when water mixes with your dogs fur.

In scenario two I am sorry my fellow dog owners but it is time for another bath! May I recommend gloves just in case?

For the food and the "wet dog smell" you can have an easy temporary fix between baths. A lot of people use the wipes or perfumes but the one product I have found that gets rid of the smell and keeps my dog smelling fresh is Pro Sense Odor Eliminating Spray in the Fresh Scent. This scent is light and clean almost like your laundry soap smell in my opinion. It sprays on in a light mist and dries quickly. My dogs were weary about the "spray" action in the beginning but have gotten used to it. I love this stuff! It is a nice way to prepare for cuddles without having to smell like a dirty dog yourself!

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