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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Recently I have been asked how I keep my dogs smelling so nice? What dog shampoo actually works? What is the best smelling shampoo? This has been a quest in my life as I have two double coated heelers who love to jump in any body of water they see.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of coat does my dog or breed have? It will be a single coat or a double coat.

As mentioned above mine are double-coated. Now I had no idea this even existed before owning my boys as they are both shelter dogs and I did no research...yes I admit I did not research the breed I own I simply fell in love. Double coated means there is a dense layer of undercoat, short hairs that with an upper layer of guard hairs. These include your fluffier breeds such as Akita, Husky and Heelers (Australian Shepherds, Sheep dogs, Pyrenees). The nice thing about a double-coated dog is that they are protected from the heat and the cold by that under layer. The not-so-nice part is that under layer sheds A LOT! I had no idea prior to owning one how much that was. Picture brushing off enough hair for a small dog, DAILY! We will get into brushes and grooming in later posts and focus today on smell!

Single coated dogs are easier and have less shedding but were not bred to brave the temperatures like their counterparts.

Product Testing:

Bubbles do not equal clean I think they actually mean harsh chemicals (personal unsupported opinion).

Color is no help to you at all. Though if you are looking for whitening the purple does actually make the dog look whiter thanks to color pigmentation and the human eye.

Smell is relative. So you may not love what I love. Totally fine but what we really need in smell is something that lasts!!!

I have found Top Performance Fresh Pet. I love this stuff! The scent and the clean smell lasts weeks (really about a month for my boys but again they love water, the worst smelling water). It makes the worst smelling dog smell so much better. You can cuddle your pup as soon as they are dry. I love that it last which is better for your dog so you aren't drying out their coat or skin and they love fewer baths.

Now you know the best smelling longest lasting dog shampoo is Top Performance Fresh Pet! *I am not, nor have I ever been paid*

Long Lasting Dog Shampoo
Best Dog Shampoo

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