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To Clean or Not to Clean? What's Best to Use in a House Full of Dogs???

Having a dog boarding business in my home while working a full-time job means I clean constantly and feel like I am never caught up! So, what’s a girl to do?

Hire a house cleaner? The first day of my new house cleaner was one for a chuckle! I’d prepared her! I let know about the business, how busy I was, and my obsession with no dog hair being around the house. She came armed with...wait for it... a Swiffer! Now no offense to the Swiffer, for a normal house, even a one dog house, I can completely see how a Swiffer would be a major help. However, the week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, in a home full of pups it wasn’t going to cut it. This took her all of 2 minutes to realize!

Again, I repeat my home is CLEAN! I am obsessive about this hence the help!

A HUGE part of keeping a house full of pups clean and hair-free is flooring and soft surfaces. For the first two years I did this my entire home had carpet. Can you imagine all the messes I cleaned up constantly? Back then my biggest problem wasn’t hair it was accidents. Miserable trust me! So the first step was getting rid of carpet.

This took a lot of research on my part as to the right decision for new flooring that was not only going to withstand the beating but be easy to clean, last and look nice. This is my home I don’t want it looking like a dog boarding facility I want it to look like my home.

So…what is it I use to keep it clean?

First line of defense in my home is my Oreck hand-held vacuum. This thing helps get into all the small spaces, pick up all the hair drifts, and is easily maneuvered. It never gets blocked by anything which is amazing, and I even use it to grab tennis balls and other toys that are out of reach! I LOVE THIS VACUUM!

Second, is my Oreck vacuum. This helps in the larger areas of the home. It has a carpeted setting and a flat floor setting. Great for large areas!

Third is mopping. I love the O-Cedar ProMist Spray Mop. I use the Armstrong brand Once ‘N Done Cleaner Concentrate in it. This is recommended for Luxury Vinyl Flooring. This helps daily for my home.

And then there is the once a month deep clean for the floors. I bought the Sibory Vehicle Wash Soft Brush to get into the texture and get the dirt out. I use this once a month for that deep clean to ensure the floors remain clean and in the best shape.

It sounds like a lot but these are my favorite products for keeping my floors clean!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions;



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